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Remote access to PLC, HMI screens and dataloggers easily and safely

The RMS Connect and RMS VPN services configured on Teltonika routers and gateways allow us easy and secure remote access to PLCs, HMI screens, dataloggers and all kinds of industrial devices with no other requirement than Internet access.


Why do we say it’s easy?

Because we don’t need public IPs on our equipment, nor do we need to open ports or configure access on our clients’ routers. We only need to have Internet access either through a SIM card for cellular routers or through an Ethernet or WiFi connection through our client’s router (ask us and we will recommend the hardware that best suits your needs)

Because it is enough to register our Teltonika devices in RMS and create RMS Connect connections or create VPN hubs to be able to remotely access all the equipment.

Because the system itself is capable of scanning and recognizing the devices connected behind our router and their open ports to be able to add them without even having to remember their IP address. In any case, we can always add them manually.


Why do we say it’s secure?

Because RMS Connect connections are based on SSH tunnels with random URLs and with a time validity that can be defined by the user.

Porque las conexiones VPN están basadas en el protocolo OpenVPN con encriptación TLS y AES256. El mismo nivel de seguridad usado para cifrar conexiones remotas entre ordenadores y redes de ordenadores.


This solution is fully scalable

Scalable in the price of the service. We will only pay licenses/credits for those devices that we actually use and for RMS Connect or RMS VPN access traffic only to the equipment behind our router. We can disable VPN connections with a single click if we only want to use them occasionally for maintenance tasks

Scalable in hardware price. We have routers and gateways with different HW, with and without mobile interface, with or without WiFi, with more or less CPU or memory… but in any case always integrable in RMS

Scalable en el número de equipos:. Podemos ir añadiendo o quitando dispositivos según nuestras necesidades

Scalable in the number of VPN connections. We can create as many VPN hubs as we want, thus being able to use the same address in multiple installations, defining a different VPN for each of them.

Try it free for 30 days

Haven’t we convinced you? Not sure if it will work with your equipment? No problem. You don’t have to trust us. You can try it for free for 30 days.

Simplemente crea una cuenta en RMS, añade tus routers y crea tus conexiones RMS Connect o tus hubs VPN. Tienes 30 días gratis de la plataforma RMS con cada router que compras y 5GB de tráfico RMS Connect o VPN gratis con tu cuenta RMS.

Do you want more information?

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