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We asked our customers to explain us what they use Teltonika products for and which features do they value more.

José Domingo

General Manager – CONTROLTEMP, S.L.

RUT955 – Control of legionella in water tanks

To control legionella in different water tanks, we had a controller installed, which recorded the temperatures and opened the valves once a week. Thanks to the RUT955, we can directly access the equipment to open or close the valves, and thanks to the VPN we can even change the configuration of the equipment.
We have chosen the RUT955 for its versatility, since apart from being able to do all kinds of of configurations like another router, it has industrial communications, a very good price, and inputs and outputs, which will allow us to add more equipment in the future.

Pablo Etayo


RUT955 for monitoring photovoltaic installations

Our projects are developed both on industrial photovoltaic roofs and in places that are often found in rural areas. We need to communicate with these photovoltaic plants mainly to be able to monitor production, so that the electric company can access the customer’s meters, so that the Alarm Receiving Center can access to read the alarm signals and in the event of an alarm trigger, it can view security cameras, etc….
We have chosen this router for several reasons.
It is configured in a very simple way and never until now have we had “hangs” of equipment that force us to move to perform a reset . The router knows when to reset itself if it does not see the internet very reliably.
Thanks to 4G and infinite data contracts, it allows us to reach speeds in many cases much higher than Wimax or satellite technologies, making internet contracts cheaper and improving performance , for example to view simultaneous video surveillance images that consume a large volume of data and need broadband.
Since we started with this equipment we have not experienced breakages or abnormal behavior in its use 24 hours a day.
The price of the equipment is quite cheap considering that they have RS485, RS232 communications and both analog and digital inputs and outputs integrated. other teams lies in the human team and great technical knowledge behind the RUT955 with availability and immediate attention.

Xavier Sospedra 


RUTX11 for residential Wi-Fi

We were asked for a residential Wi-Fi solution in a community of neighbors in a rural area, without fiber, and with a distance of more than 4km to the nearest telephone exchange, and some ADSL speeds of about 2 Mbps.
We installed a RUTX11 Unit, with an ALP LTE MIMO antenna, for its ability to manage both connections through Wi-Fi in the 2.4 G and 5G band, the ability to simultaneously SIM from different operators, the possibility of wiring up to 4 ethernet connections, and the ease of remote management typical of Teltonika equipment.
With this platform installed, it was already easy to optimally distribute the signal through simple signal repeater equipment wifi.
We chose the Teltonika RUTX11 because we have been using equipment from this manufacturer for two years now after many disappointing tests with other manufacturers. Our experience is impeccable to date.

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