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Thanks for your purchase!

If you purchased a Teltonika device, ¿do you have all necessary accessories?

If you forget to buy something just add it to your cart and select ‘Pickup from warehouse’ as shipping method. We’ll add it to your pending order without any extra cost.

Do you need to install the device in DIN rail mount?

088-00270 – Kit plástico para carril DIN7,26 088-00267 – Kit metálico para carril DIN12,10

Do you want to power the device directly from 12VDC or 24VDC?

If you only want to power it

CON-PWR-RUT-2M – Cable alimentación7,26

If you also need the digital input and digital output available on the 4 pins power connector

058R-00229 – Cable alimentación + DIO7,26

Do you need an outdoor antenna?

If you have good mobile signal but your device is placed inside a metal cabinet

003R-00284 – Antena móvil SMA magnética9,68 PR1KCL25 – Antena Combo MIMO MOBILE18,15

If you have low level mobile signal and you have an outdoor mast

A7054_5 (MIMO, 5m coax)79,86

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Regards, DAVANTEL.

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